Where to buy whisky……..Cheap

Having lived in Belgium for four years I come to realise that there is no such thing as a cheap whisky. I am all for supporting the local shop but not if they think that we are so stupid and that we will pay premium prices. Went to my local specialist shop last week and found a bottle of Nikka from a barrel at €44 a 500ml bottle. Surly this is not possible. A quick search online and you will get is for €34. This is just one example.

This is my journey in finding the best place to buy whisky at reasonable prices. I will check out some local shops. Check online and some duty free shops.

This will be done over a couple of months as I travel all over the world. To make this a fare comparison I will pick a couple of whiskies that are available everywhere.

Johnny Walker black label

Chivas Regal 12

Macallan Quest

Bowmore 12

Dalmore Valour

Online shops

Research for online store seemed to be the easiest and fastest way to find the cheapest price for your dram but it is not the case. Looks cheap until you realise that they charge more for delivery that the cost of the bottle.

I will start with my go to online store for some really good prices


Johnny Walker black label. €36.50 1lt

Chivas Regal 12. €25.55 70CL

Macallan Quest. €48.95 70CL

Bowmore 12. €33.95 70CL

Dalmore Valour. €48.95 70CL


Johnny Walker black label not available

Chivas Regal 12. 30.41 70CL

Macallan Quest. €76.92

Bowmore 12. €35.25

Dalmore Valour. Not available


Johnny Walker black label not available

Chivas Regal 12. Not available

Macallan Quest not available

Bowmore 12 not available

Dalmore Valour not available

I looked at the duty free shops in Brussels, Dubai, Doha, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Maputo and realise that it is a scam. The prices is incredible. They are very expensive. Doha I think is the most expensive duty free shop

Sometimes you will get a special deal but it will be still more expensive than in the shop or online.

I did find a lot of cheaper prices in South Africa.

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