Glendronach 12

It is no secret that I love a whisky with a sherry cask finish. I love the complexity it brings to a whisky. Oloroso was my starting point and like an addict I needed more. So the chase started. Nothing was good enough for me.

Then I found some YouTube reviews. Sherry bombs was the catch phrase. So I started my journey in looking for the perfect sherry bomb.

I found the perfect online store in Holland that has everything that I wanted at really cheap prices.

So after a lot of research I narrowed it down to 2 starter whiskies. Glendronach 12 and 18. All reviews pointed to them and the sherry bombs.

This is my take on the 12 year old matured in oloroso and a Pedro ximenez cask. With that you cannot go wrong.

The GlenDronach is of true Highland style: a heavy and robust spirit, perfect for a long maturation period in sherry casks. At The GlenDronach Distillery, we have carried forth the tradition of our founder James Allardice since 1826, maturing our whisky in the finest Spanish Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso sherry casks from Andalucía.

We continue to work towards mastering the art of sherry cask maturation, and our Highland whiskies are recognized for their deep colour and rich flavour profiles, which range from sweet fruity flavours, from the Pedro Ximenez casks we select, to the dry and nutty notes, from superb Oloroso casks. Our well-kept secrets have been guarded for nearly 200 years by a parliament of rooks who love The GlenDronach so much they try to nest in the warehouses. The distillery folk believe as long as the rooks remain at the distillery, it will be good for the whisky. From their website

Bottled at 43% alcohol per volume

On the nose

Sweet, the sherry notes are the first thing that hits the nose. Vanilla notes, like little vanilla cupcakes. Spiced sweet wine that you get at the Xmas market.

The taste test

Sherry sweetness is so prominent on this one. Then the sweet raisins and soft fruits. This is liquid xmas cake in a bottle. Little winter Spicy with medium length finish.

Mmm cannot wait to do the Glendronach 18


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