My Frankenstein whisky, making a Dalmore Gran Reserve

Finding the whisky that you want is not that easy. Some will tick a couple of your boxes and some will fail completely. I found a nice YouTube channel and this guy tried to replicate and expensive Ardbeg 25 year old by using Ardbeg 10 and another bottle of whisky.

This got me thinking. I love a good Single Malt with an extra hint of port or sherry. I decide to give it a try.


100 ml Arran Single Malt

100 ml Glenfarclas 2007

100 ml Dalvenie 12

50 ml Sherry

20 ml port

Wow. Right of the bat I loved this one. Remind me of the Dalmore Gran Reserve.

The result

I will gradually add some other whisky over the next couple of months.

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