Porto Gassiot Ruby Porto

Sebastian Gonzales Martinez founded the company in 1790. He was a Spaniard who sold Port, cigars and sherry from an office in Mincing Lane, in the city of London. Martinez had the inspiration. John Peter Gassiot, an Englishman who joined him in 1822, provided the stability. Together they created Martinez Gassiot and Company. Then in 1834 they acquired a lodge in Vila Nova de Gaia. John Gassiot had three sons John, Charles and Sebastian who all became partners in the firm. When Sebastian Gassiot died in 1902 he had no successors and the firm was up for sale and 1916 Arthur Nugent handled the firm follow by Donald Mac Lean till his death 1939 and then by Gilbert Eastaugh.

The company was bought by Harveys of Bristol in 1961 and as Harvey’s also bought Cockburn Smithes the following year; they were managed in close co-ordination. In 1966 Harvey’s was bought by Showerings, Vine Products and Whiteways Ltd (SVPW), which was bought by Allied Breweries in 1968 which subsequent name changes to Allied-Lyons PLC in 1981 and to Allied Domecq PLC in 1994.

In 1978 the group started making a Single Quinta Vintage Port from Quinta da Eirha Velha. The vintage 1978 was bottled by Cockburn and the following years of Martinez with the vintage 2000 being the last Eira Velha single quinta produced by Martinez. Quinta do Chousa is a part of Quinta do Tua and was in 1995 bottled as a Single Quinta Vintage Port by Martinez.

Today, since 2006, Martinez belongs to the Symington family. Cockburn Smithes has been managed by the Symington family since 2006 and was fully acquired in 2010.

19% alcohol per volume

About €12 per bottle

The nose

Surprisingly light on the alcohol. Sweet raisins and rubbing alcohol in the back.

The taste test

Wow. This is very nice if you like Porto wine. You get the raisins and dark berries

Leaving your mouth with a sweet aftertaste of raisins one a hint of cinnamon.

My tastebuds wants more.

Love it.

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