Seeking the Jordanian sun

Sitting at the airport in Rome on my way to one of my favourite countries. Reflecting on the many visits to Jordan. From Aqaba to Amman. Spending some time at Petra and the Dead Sea. Going up mount Nebo and seeing the promised land. Spending some time in the desert. So many memories. Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

Something to keep my going on my 9 hour transit. Not easy to find a cool quiet place at this airport. But I prevailed and found a cool place to sit and let the world go by.

The beer unfortunately was not the best. On the nose you get a bucket of rust. Smells like old rusted nails. But it is cold.

Arriving in Amman at 3 am is not fun……. love the modern clean airport. Fast immigration and fast bag arrival. Short 20 minutes drive to the hotel. The landmark hotel is really fantastic. Friendly staff even at 4 am. No problem with an early check in.

Room with a view over Amman. Time for some lunch

And you have to start with lentil soup. I cannot get enough of this. Perfect

Fresh bread

And of course I have to try the burger 🍔

I was not disappointed.

Dinner at Wild Jordan restaurant and shop. Be warned this is a alcohol free restaurant And it has a nice view

The menu

We had the lentil soup and salad. Really good

They have some great smoothies

I can highly recommend this restaurant.

end of day one…..

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