Leffe Royale Whitehead Golding

A little history on Leffe Pilgrims were always welcome at Leffe and in 1240 the canons decided to build a brewery for the preparation of a healthy, invigorating beverage (diseases like the plague ran rampant through the region at that time, and the boiling of water during the top fermentation process of the Leffe beer […]

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Cape Spring Chenin Blanc 2018

Back to South Africa. This Is a cheap South African wine that that gets bottled here in France. There is no denying that this is a low end wine. I paid €4,80 for this bottle. This one comes from the western Cape and you will not find any information on this wine on the internet. […]

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Waterloo triple blond

This is a deceiving beer. Do not let the blond fool you. It is a smooth drinking beer that will kick your ass Waterloo Beer is brewed with care in the Mont-Saint-Jean farm, the famous ‘English Hospital’ of the Battle of Waterloo. More than ever, this high-quality beer is a symbol of authenticity, craftsmanship and […]

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Lindemans Pecheresse

The name is the combination of the French for peach (pêche) and the feminine French word for sinner (pécheresse). The logo on the bottle is a drawing of a young woman lying seductively on the sand, representing the sinner mentioned in the name of the beer. As the name indicates, the beer is flavored with […]

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Anakena Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

In the late 1990s, Felipe Ibáñez and Jorge Gutiérrez, who had been friends since childhood, founded Viña Anakena in Alto Cachapoal, at the foothills of the Andes Mountains with the goal of crafting elegant, innovative, and distinctly New World wines that reflected their origin and Chile’s potential as a producer of world-class fine wines. I […]

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